Cycling in Israel for a trip of a lifetime

Travel in Israel comes in many forms. Some visitors like to get behind the wheel and drive to their destination. Others are happy to hop on a bus and go exploring. Some even choose to climb atop a camel and venture out into the desert. One form of transport that has become very popular in recent years though is cycling. A growing number of Israelis have chosen to get on the saddle and peddle their way from destination to destination. But cycling in Israel isn’t limited to the locals; it’s also becoming very popular with tourists.


See the Holy Land on two wheels

Cycling and biking is a great way to travel in Israel, offering you the freedom to go where you want, see the sights up close and personal, and to do it all in your own time. Whether you’re looking to explore Israel’s mountainous north, its deserts in the south, or anywhere in between, you’ll find plenty of cycle tracks to take you where you want to go. Check out the ruins at Caesarea or visit the terraced gardens at the Shrine of Bab. Pedal your way along the Dead Sea or casually make your way up Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Wherever you plan on cycling in Israel, you’re sure to see some spectacular sights along the way.


Popular biking destinations in Israel

Thanks to a governmental push to promote cycling in Israel, you’ll find no shortage of cycling routes in Israel. In fact, cycle tracks practically crisscross the entire country. Here’s a look at some of the more popular cycle routes.


Tel Aviv

Israel’s bustling metropolis has plenty to see and do and it’s all accessible by bike. You might want to stick close to the beach as roads can be very busy. Need a bike? With 2,000 bicycles, 200 stations and 130 Km of riding lanes, Tel Aviv municipality runs a scheme called Tel-O-Fun green bikes, making it super easy and fun to get on a bike 24/7 (get an access card on their website).


Negev Desert

A barren expanse of red sand, the Negev Desert is spectacular in its solitude. Head out from Eilat to explore this geologically impressive region – it’s a real mountain biking adventure.


Coastal Plain

Stretching from Haifa to Tel Aviv, cycle along the Coastal Plain and you’ll be treated to spectacular scenery and impressive towns, cities, and ruins.



Explore the Sea of Galilee or venture into the Golan Heights to marvel at some of the more unique landscapes in Israel. Alternatively, follow the Jesus Trail and take in the likes of Nazareth, Cana, and Capernaum.



The narrow streets of the Holy City might not seem all that bicycle-friendly but cycle tours of the city prove very popular, particularly with those on a strict schedule.


Bike with Bus & Rail

Much of Israel’s transport network has been adapted for bikes, meaning that if you prefer, you can catch a bus to your starting point and then hit the road.


Try a guided tour

If pedaling around Israel on your own sounds a little too daunting, you could opt to join a guided bike tour. Guided bike tours have raced into fashion in Israel, with a healthy number of tour operators opening for business. Experienced and knowledgeable guides lead you to the best sites and scenery, without you having to worry about consulting the map.


Many tour guides will also allow you to rent bikes, meaning you can forget about transporting your own bicycle to Israel. Even if you’re not planning on embarking on a guided tour, renting a bike in Israel is straightforward enough. Finally, don’t forget: helmets will keep you safe so be sure to put your lid on!


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