Herods Hotels Eilat – Live the legend

Herods Hotel in Eilat will transform your Israel vacation into a truly legendary experience. Herods Eilat hotels take their design inspiration from the seven eras and cultures that lived in the area, each of which left testimony and fascinating artifacts. The Egyptians came first and began mining copper. The Nabateans revealed the secrets of survival and the discovery of water in the desert. The Greeks brought a magnificent culture and a rich heritage. The Romans ruled a legendary empire. Saladin and his men fought fiercely against the Crusaders. The British also left their mark on the place, and finally - Israel.

A surprising and thrilling hospitality experience
The hotels in Eilat showcase exciting and exceptional archaeological finds, spectacular architecture including mosaics, arches, towers and, above all, the ultimate in 21st century innovation, technology and luxury. It’s the reason why a vacation in Eilat in the Herods palace is quite unlike any other vacation. Interweaving exciting surprises that make clever use of the impressive building, the hotel staff bring to life the story of this fascinating location in thrilling ways. The hotels and pavilion create an intriguing world that guarantees an extraordinary, multi-sensory experience: vision, atmosphere, gastronomy and recreation - for the entire family.

Attentive to your every need, question or request, our hotel staff ensures a highly-personalized hotel service.

Herods Hotels in Eilat invite you to enjoy a holiday tailored around your style, to discover the region’s rich cultural past, and to experience a unique Eilat vacation amidst majestic design and sublime hospitality.


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