Herods Eilat

Herods Eilat

Nestled on the scenic Eilat promenade on the Northern shore, three of Herods’ palaces stand tall, exuding rich Oriental charm. Herods Eilat Hotels embody the highest international standards of luxurious, pampering accommodations. Designed to provide a truly majestic experience, these hotels in Eilat offer a suite of attractions: restaurants, cafés, day spas, fully equipped gyms, sparkling swimming pools, and well-appointed guest rooms.

Herods Palace Hotel

As the main guesthouse, the Herods Palace Hotel accommodates families of all ages. Centrally located on the Northern shore’s promenade.

Herods Boutique Hotel

The second in the complex of Herods Eilat Hotels, the classically designed Herods Boutique Hotel offers pampering hospitality and comfortable amenities.

Herods Vitalis Hotel

One of the most private hotels in Eilat, the lavish Herods Vitalis Hotel is limited to only a few guest rooms spread across a large area.